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 My Journey back to Oneness
A book outlining the principles of Oneness and my spiritual path! 

 "...upbeat, visionary approach to spirituality weaving together Aikido, shamanism, and Hawaiian mysticism."
Charlotte Berney, author of Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism

My new book that outlines the concepts of Oneness and my spiritual path is now available! It can be purchased on Amazon (paperback / Kindle).

Healing with Ho'oponopono

A Hawaiian Healing Ceremony

An article published in The Journal of Shamanic Practice Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2010 published by the Society for Shamanic Practitioners

Below is an excerpt from the article. To receive a copy of the journal, please click on contact me.

As a ceremonial method of creating order and balance this ceremony centers around the concept of oneness with everyone and everything. This Oneness is represented by a physical-spiritual connection called aka, that connects things when they come into physical, mental, or spiritual contact. Many of us have been taught cord-cutting as a way of releasing unwanted connections and facilitating healing. It involves releasing the connections between oneself and persons, places, or things. In many cases, however, people find that the cord is cut only temporarily since cords are like telephone lines, with one wire for transmitting your voice, and another wire for receiving another person’s voice.


On-line Courses!
In conjunction with the International Metaphysical University to offer two courses: Foundations of Shamanism and Ho’oponopono: A Shamanic Exploration. Both courses are self-paced and I am there as your instructor to answer any questions you may have. Please come join us!